Basemaps are topographical maps used in dialectology to fuse the geographical space with linguistic phenomena. Thus, basemaps are dialectological basics and raise the following questions: What is the displayed topographical representation? Which are the chosen political and territorial borders? What topographical sector is used in the map itself?

In our case we chose the category basemap for maps which had “Grundkarte”(basemap) as their title (e.g. basemap 4), for maps which were used as a basemap to produce other maps (e.g. basemap 0), or for maps which had the function and properties of a basemap in the context of test prints for Eberhard Kranzmayer’s dialect atlas (e.g. basemap 1). We differentiated between 10 basemap-categories according to specific cartographical properties. These ten categories mainly refer to Eberhard Kranzmayer’s atlas.